Suntan New Office and New Member in Taiwan!

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Hi guys,

Suntan has a new office in Taiwan recently! I am the new member of Suntan from Taiwan, so glad to join this big family! My colleagues here are very friendly and have a good working atmosphere, and I am really happy to be able to give full play to my strengths at work! The boss and the supervisors lead us with patient and concerned, the new members like me can be more comfortable and efficient at work! Moreover, with you group of such excellent customers, working here is very lucky! Thank you for your long-term cooperation with Suntan and thanks for your support, we will work hard and devote ourselves to offer you better products as we always be!

Thank you so much!!


Suntan Plans to Keep Stock for TS08H 310AC series Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors

Suntan Technology Company Limited
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Suntan TS08H 310VAC series is recommended to replace TS08S 275VAC series Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors. We plan to keep stock to serve customers a fast lead time. Following 3 values stock will be available on December 2017. Look forward to your order soon! Please contact .

TS08H 0.1uF 310VAC +/-10% 13*6*12mm P:10mm Bulk RoHS

TS08H 0.1uF 310VAC +/-10% 18*6*12mm P:15mm Bulk RoHS

TS08H 0.01uF 310VAC +/-10% 13*5*11mm P:10mm Bulk RoHS

More product information please check datasheet

Suntan’s Small Size Plastic Film Capacitors – TS01 & TS03

Suntan Technology Company Limited
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If you are interested in small size plastic film capacitors, we would recommend our TS01 and TS03 to you.

TS01 is a Mylar cap with operating temperature 85’C and inductive welded construction.
It is coated with epoxy resin for superior heat resistance, humidity resistance and solvent resistance.

TS03 is a metallized polyester film cap with non-inductive construction and epoxy dip coated.
It has excellent self-healing property and reliability, and also low dissipation factor.

You can check their datasheets for more details:

As for price, please contact our sales at
Looking forward to your inquiries.Suntan-Plastic-Film-Capacitors

Suntan Wish You a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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We would like to thank you for your co-operation during this year and we wish you a Merry X’mas and a prosperous 2018 !

Suntan will be closed for X’mas and New Year holidays: Dec.23 ~ Dec 26, Dec 30 ~ Jan 1

Seasons’ greetings everybody!

Suntan Find a Solution for Customer to Combine Two 2.2uF X2 as One 4.7uF X2

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Recently,  we successfully proposed our TS08H 310VAC Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor – X2  4.7uF to our customer.
Before, our customer used two piece of  2.2uF capacitors in a device, in order to cost down and speed up the operation time, our engineer suggest customer use one piece of 4.7uF capacitor in stead.
We are sure, customer will be satisfied with our proposal.

At the same time, we also can produce below high value capacitors with low MOQ and competitive price.
Most of the Chinese X2  manufacturers can only produce to 2.2uF capacitance, but Suntan is capable to produce up to 10uF Capacitance,  Welcome your inquiry.

Capacitance (uF) L+/-1mm T +/-1mm H +/-1mm P±1mm
2.2 30 25 14 27.5
2.2 41 28 14 37.5
2.7 32 28 18 27.5
2.7 41 28 14 37.5
3.3 32 28 18 27.5
3.3 41 32 17 37.5
3.9 41 32 17 37.5
4.7 32 37 22 27.5
4.7 41 33.5 18.5 37.5
5.6 41 37 22 37.5
6.8 41 37 22 37.5
8.2 41 41 26 37.5
10 41 43 28 37.5


Suntan National Winter Running Day

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Dear Guys,

How do you feel running in the winter? cool or cold? maybe both of it.

On the early of December, I got the invitation from Guirenniao Ltd to attend the National Winter Running Day in Haerbin. It’s really a honour to attend this activity as a representative of Shenzhen group. The temperature difference from Shenzhen and Haerbin has reached 40 degrees in this day, but the cold weather can not stop the passion from runners to enjoy the happy moment. CCTV has shot and reported this activity, under the guidence of Olympic champion, nearly 4,000 pepople from all over the country participate in and finish the running. Let’s enjoy this hot and exciting time by the photos! Suntan-National-Winter-Running-Day

Suntan Radial Type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors are on High Selling

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We are glad to inform you that Suntan has expanded the production lines due to the high sales of Radial type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, the cost is decreased as well.
Welcome to contact our sales at to update your price list.