Suntan Polyester Film Capacitors

Suntan’s plastic Film Capacitors with the high withstand-current performance of the conventional capacitors for photo flashes are used now widely for general appliances, industrial equipment, digital equipment, automotive electrical components, and hybrid cars which are required to offer high reliability and long life. All products are environmental-conscious and comply with RoHS Directive. The temperatures can go up to 105’C at most.
The general suitable types are listed as below:

Plastic film capacitor lines

Mylar film capacitor (small size)————————TS01
MKT Metallized film capacitor(standard)————   —-TS02
Metallized film capacitor(AC voltage)——————– TS02A
Box type MKT P:5mm metal film capacitor—————–TS05
X2 275VAC Box film capacitor——————— —–  TS08S
MKP High voltage film capacitor———————- —TS09
MKP High voltage Box MPP(DC/AC)———————- TS09B
larger value AC film capacitor—————————- TS11
Axail film capacitor————————————- TS04

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