Suntan Has Stock for You

Suntan Technology Company Limited
—-All Kinds of Capacitors

Dear customers, we now have stock of the below products. Please send inquiries or place orders for us if you have needs, we will deliver goods to you in a very short time. And the price of these products is also good.

Please check the specification and datasheet of them as followed:

1. Diodes
LL4148 LL-34 T&R RoHS
It can be applied to products like ballast lamp and electric energy meter, etc.

2. Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor – Class X2
TS08S 1uF 275VAC +/-10% P:27.5mm 31.5*13*21.5mm RoHS

You can contact us for more information. We are looking forward to hear from you.



Suntan Stock of M7 with SMA-J package

Suntan Technology Company Limited
—-All Kinds of Capacitors

We now have 575Kpcs M7 with SMA-J package in HK warehouse. This can be a good replacement to general M7 SMA (DO-214AC) diode but the price would be lower. We can offer free samples for testing at any time. If you are in urgent demand of this diode, kindly check our bottom price.

Meanwhile, for meeting customer’s prompt order we have stock of other popular items in HK as below. Welcome your enquiry too! 

M7 SMA-J Tape & Reel RoHS 575,000
TS08S X2 Met 1uF 275VAC +/-10% P:27.5mm 31.5*13*21.5mm RoHS 9,900
TS19 Tan Cap 100uF 16V +/-20% P:2.54 RoHS 2,000
TSC3S506T1R 38,000
TSC3S510T1R 53,000
TSC3S520T1 43,000
Diode LL4148 LL-34 Tape & Reel RoHS 2,535,000


Suntan Best Support for Surface Mount SMB SMC Package Diodes

Suntan Technology Company Limited
—-All Kinds of Capacitors

Suntan is a leading company in the electronic components industry in China. We have our own production line, producing and selling all kinds of capacitors. At the end of last year, Suntan expanded factory workshop to keep development in this field, mainly increasing production line for surface mount SMB & SMC package diodes.

Suntan is committed to environmental production and technology innovation. With this principal, we maintain competition by reducing our production cost, shortening delivery time and so on. Suntan is the best supplier you can rely on. 


Suntan General Super Miniaturized Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor TS13DE-CD110X

Suntan Technology Company Limited
—-All Kinds of Capacitors

Have you need General Super Miniaturized Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor TS13DE-CD110X? Suntan has very beautiful price of it. Of course, the quality of Suntan TS13DE-CD110X is guaranteed and trustworthy. We have built a long-term business ship with a lot of customers around the world. Suntan also warmly welcome new customers to come for business discussions.

Suntan TS13DE-CD110X- Radial Type Super Miniaturized 85°C, General
CD 110 Miniatned Series Miniatured
85°C 2000 hours Guaranteed



Suntan-General-Miniaturized-TS13DE-CD110X (2)