Suntan SMD Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor TSC3S in Stock!

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Hey guys!

Do you need SMD Special Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor TSC3S recently? The lead time for this item is longer than before, about 8 weeks now. However, I have a great news for you! We have some kinds of TSC3S in stock right now! You may going to save time if you need this item in hurry! More informationis below for your reference, pls contact Suntan Sales if you are interested in this item. Looking forward to your inquiry and order! : )
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+ More information about TSC3S:



Suntan’s New Aluminum E-cap – TS13D6-CD286A

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Suntan’s new product TS13D6-CD286A is a radial type aluminum electrolytic capacitor, which with high frequency, extra low impedance and high ripple current.


1.Capacitance Range (uF): 0.47~10,000
2.Rated Voltage Range (V): 6.3~50
3.Operating Temperature Range (℃): -55~+105
4.Load life: 2000 hours at 105℃

Please check its datasheet to see more details:
Datasheet link:

Look forward to your inquiries and orders. Thank you!


Suntan New X2 Capacitor for Capacitive Divider

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Our Suntan have been committed to better service and product to customer, so recently we launched a new X2 Capacitor for Capacitive Divider, main application for Energy Meter, Power Meter and Water Meter, welcome to check with us for more details.



Suntan Holiday Notice – Easter Holiday

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Dear Customers,

April. 1ST is the Easter of 2018, it is the special holiday of Spring. Easter is also an important Western holidays, it symbolize rebirth and hope. It’s celebrated on the first Sunday of astronomical full moon. Easter is the day of Jesus was crucified and died for the sins of people,and Jesus cam to life again three days later.
Today, Christians go to church and have some special event on Easter Sunday. Many people sing and pray on Easter.

Please kindly note that Suntan sale office will close from 30th March to 2nd April. Your e-mail will be check after we return back to work on 3rd April. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Happy Easter.


Suntan Has another New X2 Capacitor – TS08A 310VAC for Capacitive Divider

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Suntan launched a new type of X2 capacitor – TS08A lately.
Its capacitance range is 0.0022-2.2uF and operating temperature is -40’C to +110°C.

This part is suitable for applications in serial with the 100~240VAC mains, such as energy meter, thermostat, and etc.

For more detailed information, please click on the below link:
TS08A datasheet:

If you are interested in it, please contact our sales at
Thank you!


Suntan Launched New SMD Trimming Potentiometers TSR-3224 & TSR-3313

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Just after the 2018 Chinese New Year holiday, Suntan launched 2 new SMD trimming potentiometers named TSR-3224 & 3313 series which can be the perfect replacement of Bourns parts. Welcome your new order and inquiry.

Detailed specifications can be found here:


Suntan Funny Lantern Festival in Taiwan!!

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Hi guys,

Do you know Lantern Festival(元宵節) which is on January 15 of the lunar month? We have Lantern Festival recently, and there are different kinds of activities in everywhere. In Taiwan, we usually have lantern shows everywhere. Moreover, many people will launch sky lantern in North Taiwan, and many people go to Yanshui in Tainan to experience the large-scale fireworks exhibition! After these activities, tired and hungry? Try some “dumpling balls”(湯圓)! Salty or sweet are both delicious!! Sounds fun? Just come to Taiwan to experience the funny Lantern Festival someday! : )